Same Old Same Old

Yesterday I talked about the fictional duo in “Once” (although they were a couple at one point and a band in real life!), but today I need to talk about The Civil Wars. This duo is fantastic. I think I was probably introduced to them when they sang with Taylor Swift on “The Hunger Games” soundtrack, and I was hooked. Their harmony is insane and their songs are so dreamy and ethereal (except when they’re screaming hardcore-country-rock-bluegrass blessed madness). Unfortunately, they are currently “separated.” When I heard about that I was so disappointed. Some bands break up and it’s not a huge deal – but these guys are different. This is just my opinion, but I don’t think they sound as good alone as they do together. There’s something that each gives to the other that makes them, them. I’m hopeful they’ll get back together soon and go on tour, because I would love to see them live. But their most recent album, The Civil Wars sort of narrates the dissonance brewing between them in perfect, harmonious, lyrical moments. I really love all the songs on this album. I read an article around the time the album came out from NPR. They did an interview with Joy Williams of The Civil Wars and she said this about the song “Same Old Same Old”: “there’s still magic when we sing; the way that our voices blend…” I think that’s a perfect way to describe the way these two voices sound together: magic.

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