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I’ve been in search of some new music lately. After a while, I get a little antsy with the music I listen to because I’ve listened to it so many times before (that’s not to say I don’t still like it, but every once and a while you need something new). Luckily for me, there’s this fantastic website called NoiseTrade that gives you downloads of music (with the artists’ permission) either for free or in exchange for a donation for that artist. It’s mostly lesser known artists, but it’s all fantastic music. They recently put an album on the website from Matthew Mayfield. A couple of years ago, I went to a NeedToBreathe concert and Matthew Mayfield opened for them. He’s pretty amazing. After the show, he stood in the lobby and handed out his album, Now You’re Free. I’ve pretty much loved his music ever since. But the album that was just put on NoiseTrade is 72 Songs | Every Release. This means every song Matthew Mayfield has ever released. It’s pretty incredible. A lot of these songs I had already from his other albums/EPs, but some of them I’m hearing for the first time. Whenever I get a new album, I get really excited about music. This album especially has been perfect for studying and everything lately (Funny story: I’ve been listening to all of my Matthew Mayfield music and I noticed that some of the songs I haven’t listened to in a while I played a year ago. Basically that means that Matthew Mayfield is the best at getting me through finals). Anyways here’s one of my new favorites off this album:

This is the live version, but it’s still just as good. And here’s his cover of “Ring of Fire.” Just so amazing.

I really like his music because of the acoustic sound. He doesn’t have a lot of songs that are over-produced. And really, it’s just such. good. music. Please listen to this guy because he’s so talented and more people need to hear him.

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