Final Project

I’ve started work on my final project! Here’s the proposal I wrote up for it:

For my final project, I have decided to make Twitter accounts for the characters in the 1985 movie Clue.  The tentative title for this project is “Character Clues.”  This movie is based on the popular board game and is a murder mystery.  The plot of the film takes place over a period of a few hours one night during a dinner party.  There are fourteen characters in all.  I will create accounts for each character and then proceed to tweet as them in the course of the movie.  This will create the effect of the characters “live-tweeting” during the events of the evening.  I intend to use these accounts to enhance the viewing experience of this movie by giving viewers a closer look at the personalities of the characters.  I will collate the accounts either through a public list on my own Twitter account or through the use of Storify which I will then post on my website.  After the project is over, I will write up an essay that reflects on my experience in creating the accounts.

I started making the accounts tonight…until Twitter discovered me. I’ve made 11 accounts so far, and I still need to make accounts for The Motorist, The Cook, and the Chief. These are more minor characters, but they definitely have significance in the overall plot. I’m pretty excited about this project, as it will give me ample opportunity to watch “Clue,” one of my favorite movies, multiple times. But first, I must finish making all the Twitter accounts! And figure out how to work TweetDeck…anyone know anything about it?

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2 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. I really love your project idea! How creative and original. I also think an interesting element to consider for your project is perhaps thinking of and discussing the impact actually live tweeting the events of this movie, were it real life, would be. How would live tweeting change the scenario? I also think it’s funny you say that Twitter discovered you after 11 made Twitter accounts. What do you mean discovered? What happened?? Also, are you making just accounts or bots as well that will produce tweets automatically? If so, how are you putting in the context of the tweet vocabulary? What means are you using to create your bots? Also, sorry I have no idea about TweetDeck. Good luck, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I loved Clue as a kid and still do. I still have this pre-occupation
    with Tim Curry…anyway, what do you mean until Twitter discovered you?
    Did they catch you making too many accounts?

    I don’t know a thing about Twitter though, to be honest, but good luck. Your project is really cool, and sounds like it will be fun to do. I look forward to reading your essay!

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