Catching Fire

I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this past weekend. It was so good! I’ve read the book, and I think the movie stayed very true to the spirit of the novel.  There were a few changes between the book and the movie, but I don’t think they made a huge difference in the narrative of the story or the overall feel of the movie.  Entertainment Weekly has a really good list of the differences here. I know a lot of people find the premise of The Hunger Games to be disturbing.  While I think that is a good point, I really like to look at the books from the standpoint of the criticism they make of society.  For an English major, I always love analyzing the deeper meaning behind novels.  Although sometimes I think we can get a little ridiculous about analyzing literature, I definitely think looking at the societal context of a novel can really help the understanding of it.  A theme of the book is the excess of the Capitol while many of the other Districts suffer, which I think is definitely relevant to today’s society.  The Hunger Games movies do a really good job at representing the sheer excess of the Capitol in contrast to the outer Districts. Overall, Catching Fire was an excellent movie. I think I liked it better than the first one…but Mockingjay is my favorite book, so I have high hopes for those two movies!

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